This video is powerful. I wrote this messy rant quickly after having viewed it.

Fuck everyone!
I want to say this loud and clear. Fuck our society and fuck the consumers we are. Fuck ourselves for being blind to life and slaves to this dull and constricting manner of existence.

I am not a slave. You may say this. Yet if you live in Western society, follow the rules, being a nice little girl or boy who does what they are told. Well. You are.

So, what remedy can be given to the rubbish fed mind of the Westerner? Psychedelics. This is what can be given. Another fucking hippie. Another fucking drug addict. Well consume the drug I say. It should be mandatory. Given at a certain age, in the same manner as a vaccine. It is a vaccine, one against closed mindedness, to prevent the failure to appreciate the wonders of this planet. Without this vaccine we are doomed. The self centeredness of the lost human swells to the extent that money and power and control are all that swim in the mind.

A mind wasted.

Some people, yes, may ‘go crazy’ from consuming the drug. However this is not the fault of the medicine. It is the fault of the body. Medicine given by a doctor can be rejected by the body, as the wisdom of psychedelics can be rejected by the mind. Minds too conditioned and too weak may falter. People given the truth in one slice may be unwell after. But give them more and they will be okay. They can deal with their problems in this state, rather than leave them hanging in a world that cannot be accessed ordinarily.

Something needs to change. We must take action and escape this society which is so clearly poison to the planet and to humanity. So set forth! With a mushroom in hand, I urge you, ride into the sun of enlightenment.